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  • by Christos Pantelis
    Although COVID-19 is predominantly a respiratory disease, it is known to affect multiple organ systems. In this article, we highlight the impact of SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus causing COVID-19) on the central nervous system as there is an urgent need to understand the longitudinal impacts of COVID-19 on brain function, behaviour […]
  • by Samantha M Loi
    CONCLUSIONS: This study reports on the largest cohort of YOD to date, with diagnostic breakdown similar to previous retrospective file reviews. The neuropsychiatry service is funded to follow-up its patients, thus allowing re-assessment and continuity of care. While there are limitations in this study such as the lack of neuropathological […]
  • by Samantha M Loi
    CONCLUSION: We found that younger age at onset, having a dementia which was not the most commonly occurring AD or bvFTD, and increasing number of services were significant predictors of diagnostic delay. A novel result was that a specialist YOD service may decrease diagnostic delay, highlighting the importance of such […]
  • by Sean N Hatton
    The epilepsies are commonly accompanied by widespread abnormalities in cerebral white matter. ENIGMA-Epilepsy is a large quantitative brain imaging consortium, aggregating data to investigate patterns of neuroimaging abnormalities in common epilepsy syndromes, including temporal lobe epilepsy, extratemporal epilepsy, and genetic generalized epilepsy. Our goal was to rank the most robust […]
  • by Jeffrey Looi
    CONCLUSIONS: For clinical psychiatrists working in smaller population centres, clinical observer visits with peers may be a useful method to develop, improve and calibrate knowledge and skills. Such potential benefits may be even more marked for specialised fields of psychiatry, such as neuropsychiatry.

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